Friday, May 18, 2012

It DOES come back around...

So, I try to stay positive in the blogosphere, but to be frank, thus far, this year has been a bit craptastic. 

The new year was spent in the Cardiac ICU with our newborn, watching helplessly while she was fighting to survive. Which, thankfully, SHE DID.

Liam has been having trouble with bullies at school. Which means, I'm having trouble with the school. Which means NO ONE is happy. He is the coolest kid ever, and seeing him torn down by assholes just breaks my heart.

It didn't help stress levels that last month, the hubs was involved in a pretty serious accident. Again, we were so lucky that he was okay, but it left his beloved Land Cruiser looking like this:

And honestly, this petty author-reviewer stuff has gotten under my skin more than it should, because really, in the grand scheme, and after all we've been through this year, it just doesn't matter. (After reading this post from Jo, I felt much better.)

With all of that, I've been a bit down.

But, since we are nearing the halfway point of this year, I am trying to focus on the positives this year has already brought!

My amazing writerly friend Jolene and I released a novel that I love and am so proud of this year. She also put together this lovely blog post that reminded me what talented people, who are also great friends I am so, so fortunate to have in my life! 

The gorgeous sister-writer-team, Lisa and Laura Roecker surprised me with the most thoughtful, generous gift last week. I feel so undeserving, but so lucky to call them friends.

Tomorrow, I am speaking at a charity luncheon for the American Heart Association, to hopefully help raise money and awareness about congenital heart defects like Britta. It is so good to see something positive come out of the nightmare that we experienced earlier this year.

And in other news, we are moving this summer! The doctors have said that Britta will be much more comfortable in a drier climate and we aren't objecting since my entire family is in Southern Cali (where I was born and raised). The coolest part about moving back, is that I will live thisclose to another fabulous author friend who has been there SO MUCH for me this year, Nyrae Dawn. (And yes, I am well aware that you are super jealous of me right now. :)

So, though we couldn't see how it would be possible at the beginning of the year, the good DOES come back around. I guess, (to use Colleen Hoover's game of "suck and sweet" from her amazeballs debut, SLAMMED) the first half of 2012 has been my "suck", and the next half promises to be my "sweet." 

Have a great weekend, friends.


Sunday, May 6, 2012

Some good and some bad. Mostly good. :)

Sooo many things made of awesome going on on the interwebs right now!

Nyrae Dawn, supah-star author of WHAT A BOY WANTS has an excerpt and cover reveal for the companion book, WHAT A BOY NEEDS at For the Love of Contemporary!!

MY HEART FOR YOURS is currently on sale for 0.99 cents, people!! So, now would be an excellent time to click 'buy now', or, you can win a copy over on Nyrae's blog HERE! To those that have already purchased MY HEART FOR YOURS, eep! Thank you! Jo and I are so, so thrilled to have this project out in the wild and reallllyy hope you enjoy it!

There is still time to enter Jennifer Snyder's contest for a paperback copy of her contemp YA novel, SHATTERED SOUL, plus an Amazon gift card! HERE!

In not-so-good news,

This week I learned that my blog is visited most by people searching for:

*free download of Slammed*
*free download of Grounding Quinn*
*free download of Eden*
*free download of My Heart for Yours*
*free download of What a Boy Wants*

Those were all of the top search results that led people to my blog. 

So, I say to you, when you stumble here searching to not only steal from ME, but to steal the work of my friends, EFFFFFFFF YOUUUUU!!

In other news-of-the-I-am-entitled-and-should-not-have-to-pay-for-my-books, I learned that commenting on sites that are used to share pirated books, (for example: "I am looking for a download of My Heart for Yours! Does anyone have it?! I need to get my hands on this book ASAP" My reply: "I have a copy of it. So does Amazon, for cheap. Stealing is gross.") will get you a slew of one-star reviews from the same group of (middle aged women for the most part, for shame!) people. I find this equal parts amusing and pathetic. Mostly pathetic.

I'll close with this, a friend of mine recently said, 

"Thought for the day: There are many things in life I would like to have but can't afford. That doesn't result in me obtaining those things illegally. That results in me not having them."


Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Fav lines from MY HEART FOR YOURS

I know the quote thing is usually Jo's thing, but I wanted to play, too!

Here are a few of my favorite lines from our new release, MY HEART FOR YOURS.

“Busy?” he tries to do a Tobin thing and pull up a brow, but there’s too much grief on his face for me to buy it.

“I brought you a beer, but you might not be a—”
I popped the top and downed nearly half the bottle, hoping to swallow some of my dancing nerves.
“—beer drinking girl.” He chuckled as he popped the top off of his.

“Weston, yes,” I snap. What’s with me? “I love Weston,” I say, lifting my chin defiantly, I don’t even know where this is coming from. The words feel heavy and dry coming out of my mouth, like I may choke on them. I don’t know how to explain what Weston and I have to anyone, or even to myself.

 I lie completely still in bed. Maybe if I don’t move, it will make today not real.

My heart aches, breaks, and then does it all over again. Like there is a fault line right down the center. A fracture that can’t be healed. Because of Tobin. Because of Eamon. Because of everything and everyone that was lost. 

It used to be that there was no problem in the world that Tobin's kiss couldn't fix. My tears easily dried. The world quickly righted itself. But it feels so different now. So weighted. His lips so full of why's. How can I make him understand that things aren’t that simple anymore?

Always a trade. Always a compromise. Until there wasn't anything left to bargain with, because neither one us had any clue what to do. If it had been just the move, we might have been able to deal.

“Do you really care about Randy Gentry’s happiness?” she asks, with the beginnings of a smile.
“I care about yours.” 

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

lots of happy bookish news

First off, MY HEART FOR YOURS, the novel that the uber-fab Jolene Perry and I wrote together is out in the wild! We released it a week early, because we pretty much fail at patience! :) It is available NOW for Kindle as well as Nook and will be available in paperback later this month!

My Heart for Yours

Speaking of Jolene, she is a total writing machine and has ANOTHER book that came out earlier in the week as well. KNEE DEEP is a gorgeous, moving read and is avail now!

Knee Deep

Jamie McGuire's final installment in her Providence series, EDEN officially came out today! And in other Providence news, the second book, REQUIEM was released in paperback!

Requiem (Volume 3)Eden (Providence, #3)

The lovely JENNIFER SNYDER, author of both contemporary as well as paranormal YA is about to celebrate the year-anniversary of her first novel, SHATTERED SOUL. To celebrate, she is giving away a signed paperback and an Amazon gift card on her blog. But most importantly, she debuted a new cover for SHATTERED SOUL and it is absolutely stunning. Check it out, and enter her contest HERE.

(And I'm not posting the cover here because you need to go over and see for yourself!) :)